Le Macaron…Si’l Vous Plait


Get outta town! We have chewy, gooey, spectacular French macarons right here in Ft. Lauderdale? Who knew?…Well, now…YOU! I am embarking on a mission to ensure the lovely Daniel and Stephanie Blanc keep selling their work of art, two-bite treats until macarons are no longer confused with macaroons. Until Fort Lauderdale embraces the macaron.

Perhaps you will better understand my delight in finding the four-month-old Le Macaron when you know that preparing them successfully is somewhat of a science–if not an art form. There are entire food blogs dedicated to the experience of those who have sacrificed countless flopped egg whites and pounds of almond flour in the attempt to create the perfect mix of rising “feet” and shiny, smooth meringue domes. What’s that? You sense my personal failure coming through in the text? Perhaps. See I have blamed South Florida humidity on my failed macaron adventures, but with the discovery of perfectly gorgeous macaronage at Le Macaron, I am out of excuses. Until I can master the task, I find great pleasure in knowing I can purchase my little loves right here in Fort Lauderdale. Who knew?


  • Fresh french pastries like croissants and pain au chocolat
  • Macarons are $1.95 each or less if you buy more–so buy more
  • Gelato
  • Nespresso coffee, espresso and cappuccino
  • Norman Love chocolates
  • A few tables to dine in or they’re prepared to send you off with your gems to go
  • GREAT! for hostess gift, party favors, impressive desserts, or just treat yourself







Addy:               1912 Cordova, 33316


Phone:             954-990-7904

EATS must:   Black Vanilla, Caramel Salted Butter

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